New feature in to ease debug/tuning of your service.
You can put a DNS TXT record `cryptcheck=<ISO8601 duration>` to control the refresh delay for your service.
You can even put `cryptcheck=debug` to skip completly the refresh delay.

The DNS TXT entry is search on each subdomain to your primary domain (thanks to public suffix list).
For example `` look for ``, `` and ``

Soon, I will check for HTTP headers and HTML meta for this feature too. And perhaps for an `.well-known` entry ? 😊

For smart people wanting to restrict the usage of on their services with a mega long duration locking the current state forever, the possible delay is capped to 1 hour.


Remember you can in all cases use locally for quick feedback on your service.
Native deployment is a pain (thanks to obsolete OpenSSL), but you can use the provided Docker image for that :

docker run --rm aeris22/cryptcheck:v2.2-1.1 https -qj --no-ipv6

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