Punching down is so woke.

Show me the math on your kid will die if they don't get the vaccine. Don't bother, you won't. Let's see, first Vaccines aren't magic binary switches (kinda like gender, magically nonbinary). You see a vaccine might, only might, work. So you don't get 100%, it's non-binary. You might only get 30% effectiveness. Secondly, what's the chance you'll get C19 in the first place? That's not 100% either, nonbinary. Then there's the chance that you are actually in the subpopulation of children that will have "severe" covid. That's non-binary, but getting fractionally small.

If "Scientist" could do Bayesian math and other evidence-based formerly known-as-science, instead of fascist authoritarian, "Obey me, I grovelled for my degree", we would have to fend off flat earthers.

Sorry, your professor was a moron and left out great chunks of the scientific method, such Sensitivity and Recall in your obedience lessons,

@polarisera When scientific do bayesian math, they show there is less risk to be vaccinated than to be infected then dying.

@polarisera And sure, there is proof of vaccine efficiency. Here is one for example, showing vaccine stop viruse propagation very efficiency.

@polarisera And actually, conditionnal death rate prior to infection (yeah, bayesian probability) is 3.7%. Given the current infection propagation rate, more or less the overall people on this planet will be in fact infected in few weeks if no measure. So Bayesian probabilities show too than the conditional probability is strictly equal to the base probability if the condition is 100%.

@polarisera So as long as the vaccine death rate is under 3.7% (and it is, and very very very less than that), it's worth to be vaccinated…

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