Hey @github @microsoft!
How is it possible a **private** email adress only associated and used for GitHub is used by spammers?

@SmartBear, can it be possible to have an answer about a request made the 05/05/2020? You are supposed to have only 1 month delay, not 2…
And explain to us how you got our private and specific email address from @github & @microsoft? Who sell our data to you?

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@aeris ils ont aeris+facebook@domain.tld (ou un truc du genre) et tentent de remplacer le nom de $siteconnu par une liste de sites connus

@aeris t'as pas des applis connectées à ton compte (genre auth) qui ont accès à l'adresse ?

@aeris Peut-être que leurs outils de build, test et monitoring de haut impact n'est pas assez impactant ! :troll::kappa:

@aeris is this email address listed on your SSH key which is publicly accessible on github?

Did you use that address for a commit, that is publicly available? If you ever used the web interface to edit a file, I think they use your main email adress.

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