Hi @Matomo!
Sending an email saying you are better than Google Analytics using tracking email link not compliant with GDPR and using a third party provider blocked by design by adblocker & anti-tracking tools is a terrible bad idea…

@Matomo This is terrible too because when you say in your email "you don't have to ask for consent if you using our tool", I can't trust you: you also use in same time a feature without consent when on the contrary you need our consent…

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@aeris Simple curiosité, ça reste encore pertinent Piwik/Matomo pour sortir quelques stats ?Vu que c'est majoritairement bloqué via Ublock ? 🤔

@ohnoes @aeris on l'utilise au Ministére de l'éduc' pour avoir des tendances de visites


> better than google analytics

The best tracker is no tracker at all


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